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Zicaffe 2010

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The machine is targeted for OCS and Home environment (strictly not more than 20 cups per day), not for professional use
- LCD touch-screen
- 300 grams’ coffee capacity (beans are visible on top)
- ceramic blades but no volumetric counter for coffee dosage
- slot on top to throw pre-ground decaffeinated coffee
- cup warmer on top
- steam / hot water nozzle (frother for Cappuccino available in the package
together with the machine)
- coffee nozzles can be moved to adjust the distance between the coffee
output and the cup
- 1.8 litre water tank on the right side
- coffee brewer accessible on the left side

Versions Espresso: coffee from beans (ground on demand) or pre-ground (slot on top to throw it)
Width 300 mm / Depth 400 mm / Height 400 mm / Weight 11 Kg
Coffee beans (transparent hopper on the top): 300 grams
Removable water tank (right side): 1.8 litres
Stainless steel boiler: 200 cc
Bucket for solid waste: around 50 coffee cakes
Tray for liquid waste: 0.9 litres
Electrical Supply 230 V AC – 50 Hz
Power Supply 1.4 kW
Type: Fully automatic
Espresso brewer: Professional, patented by Bianchi Industry
User interface: LCD touch control screen
Pre-infusion: Coffee Essence system
Maximum pressure: 18 bar
Grinder: time controlled grinding by means of ceramic blades, option to adjust the coffee coarseness
Slot on top to fill pre-ground coffee
Cup warmer on top
Adjustable height from coffee outlet (with twin delivery) to cup
Programming options: Water amount for 1 small cup
Water amount for 1 large cup
Water amount for 2 small cups
Water amount for 2 large cups
Automatic power-off to save energy
Water hardness
LCD screen contrast
Warning buzzer (on/off)
Coffee counter
Descaling cycle
Removable drip tray
Removable brewer (on the left side) for easy service
Steam / hot water flow control
Temperature control
Cappuccinatore: free frother available in the package
Certification: GS (VDE) and CE
Unit per delivery pack: 1
Weight per packing box: 12 kg
Individual box dimension (W x D x H, mm): 348 x 482 x 455
User interface
LCD touch screen display with
4 direct selection buttons for small (single / double) and large (single / double) cups of coffee
3 pre-selections for lighter coffee, stronger coffee and pre-ground coffee
2 further selections for steam and hot water spout
3 buttons for programming



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